Overall Features

Too Fun to be a Lesson

With our fine selection of Hollywood-quality movies and subtle ways to teach English, you will enjoy watching them and want for more.

Nothing Is Too Hard

Because you can choose lessons suitable to your English level, ranging from easy animation movies to complicated movies with advanced vocabulary words.

We Give All We Got

With more than 50 movies and video clips in which you can all watch any time, and more contents will keep piling up.

Traces Your Students

With Learning Management System that will transform teachers into Sherlock Holmes, allowing them to inspect their students’ profiles and learning progress, as well as to automatically grade the students individually.

No Language Barrier

With bilingual system in the program, website, teacher’s manual, and movie documents. Foreign teachers won’t have to shy from using English Mate to teach their students.

Because It’s an Innovation

That has many features to help learning English such as English-Thai translation, highlighted vocabulary words, reduce conversation’s speed when you can’t follow, and much more. Even more, we are supported by National Innovation Agency of Thailand.

Frequently Asked Question

Q 1
How are English Mate’s movies chosen?
Movies are carefully handpicked by English Mate team. The movies must not consist of pornographic scenes, extreme violence, and horror. Moreover, they must be enjoyable to watch, teach lessons, and inspire watchers.

Q 2
What grades are suitable to use English Mate?
English Mate is suitable for grade 7 students and up. They must know enough English words to understand the meaning of most dialogues in the easiest movie level. The basic vocabulary list can be found here.

Q 3
Can I use English Mate off-class and let students use it in their free time?
To use English Mate this way effectively, students must have discipline and are eager to study more. However, from our studies, very few students are the case. To use English Mate effectively, it is best to let students use it together as a part of their English or computer classes.

Q 4
What English skills does English Mate teach?
English Mate teaches listening, vocabulary, reading, and comprehension skills. From our studies, students’ skills in writing, speaking, and grammar also improved as well. This is because they spent more time with English, making them become comfortable and accustomed to the language.

Q 5
How do I know which movies are suitable to a student’s English skill level?
Students should pick a movie and decide by themselves whether it is too hard for them. For example, students may depend too much on the program’s helping tools, or the movie’s quizzes are too difficult for them. Statistically, most students start with level 1 and 2 movies. Not many students can watch level 3 movies and understand from the beginning. Nevertheless, students often choose to watch movies they are interested in regardless of the difficulty level.

Q 6
Can I use pirated movie DVDs with English Mate?
English Mate can only be used with authentic movie DVDs, which are the version we sell. In addition, we got the legal permit of the movies’ rights from the authority.

Q 7
Can English Mate be used without movie DVDs?
English Mate is designed to function mainly with movie DVDs. Streaming movies is not suitable as about 40-50 students are watching movies at the same time, and there will be a problem with the Internet speed. Regardless, we have interesting video clips in the program for students to watch without movie DVDs.