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Download for libraries and computer rooms.

Download English Mate Classroom 1.1

System Requirements
  • Windows XP or newer
  • 200 MB of available disk space
  • Low-speed Internet Connection
  • Headphone
  • DVD drive

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Teacher Documents

User Manual

This user manual covers all the aspect of using English Mate from installation to usage.

English Version Thai Version

Teacher Tool Manual

This is the manual for online teacher tool which is used for managing student information and usage result.

English Version Thai Version

Curriculum Example

This is the document about classroom management and curriculum detail.

English Version Thai Version

IT Support Manual

This is the technical summary of English Mate for solving frequently occured technical problems.

Thai Version

Movie Level Description

This document describes each difficulty level for movies, including how they are categorized and their learning objectives.

English Version Thai Version

Basic Vocabulary Word List

This is a list of 723 basic vocabulary words and translation that are recommended to know to be able to comprehend level 1 movies.